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Yes! Twenty years after the UK’s most popular TV tech show first launched, Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry have reunited for The Gadget Show Podcast!

Whether you’re a seasoned fan, or just dipping your toes into our sea of gadge, we think that The Gadget Show Podcast offers something for everyone – even those who just have a thing for bald men in glasses! So, please join us – come on board and join us as we reboot The Gadget Show. It's Gadget Show 2.0 ...we’re putting the band back together!

Help us support this podcast by joining the Patreon page, you will not only get exclusive early access to EVERY episode, but depending on which tier you sign up for, you’ll also get behind-the-scenes content, bonus episodes and even the chance to come and hang out with Jase and Suzi as they record an episode! So, come and be part of the gang! Your support not only helps us continue creating content, it also means we can bring you even more exciting Gadget Show adventures!

Thanks for your support, and enjoy The Gadget Show Podcast!

And for sponsorship enquires, please email

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